Dec 2, 2007


By N.Thyagarajan
Film actress Kausalya will be in Jaya TV Channel's mega serial Alai Payudhey. She is doing the role of eldest daughter who brings her younger sister up and tries to find a suitable matrimony for a boy employed in the USA. But, the groom gives a lot of trouble to her sister. Kausalya's friend a Tamil who is in US helps her and takes action against the bridegroom who is sentensed by the US Court. Fathima Babu and Sivakumar act as mother-in-law and father-in-law of the youngest sister. Krishna is acting as the husband. Lakshmi is doing the sister's role and Gautaman does the villain role. Prithvee Raj is the hero of the serial. The serial is to be aired from December 10.

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