Dec 28, 2007



Vedha is a film based on the real story of lovers who live in Singapore. Because, they were not successful in their love one of them gone mad. Vasu Bhasker who comes to know of the story has written the story, screen play of the film. R. Nithya Kumar, who is one-time Associate of the directors T.K.Bose, K.Subash, and S.J.Surya is writing the dialogues and directing the film.

Arun Vijay who is the hero of the film said that he expected postive results from this film. Arun who is on his way to the USA for higher studies in connection with learning of editing and other techniques said, that he would like to meet the real persons who were affected by the love. He said the film has some additional inputs like the music director Srikanth Deva and Vasu Bhasker dancing for a gana song of Gana Bala.He added that four new lyricist were introduced in the film with good lyrics will add the merit to the music direction of Srikanth Deva.He also said that most of the scenes were shot in Malaysia.

After completing the Film Making Course Arun Vijay wanted to produce his own film through his own company.

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