Dec 28, 2007



A tamil book, 'Poonaigal Illadha Veedu', containing 11 short stories- all were written by Chandra-who has been an assistant to the director Ameer quite a long time. All these stories were published in various magazines and all compiled in book format was released recently by the ace director K.Bharathi Raja at a small function. The first copy was received by the director Ameer himself from Bharathi Raja.

After releasing the book the director K.Bharathi Raja in his valedictory address said that his cinema and Tamil had a close proximity of relationship, since he had been talking the Tamil literary through his medium of celluloid. And whereas the writers tell their literature through cinema. Bharathi Raja said that each and every young must have had some ambitions and dreams at the young age. Either they must have thought of becoming a writer, orator, politician or an artist. "But I came to cinema. As a writer I would have known to the public 50 years ago. But I am making my records by becoming a director".

When talking about the Poonaigal Illadha Veedu, the director said that after reading the book, he felt that still there were a lot of villagers faced with utter economic poverty problems and in a difficult situations to lead their lives. Bharathi Raja recalled his young days when his father was running under penury, he had to sell away his house and moved to a small house which had less comforts. His family faced poverty for more than 30 years till the birth of his sister. The director said, that the economic condition had not improved in villages.

Bharathi Raja said he had so far exhibited the beauty of villages, but failed to record the poverty lives of the villagers. " After reading the book I went back to my past life. Now I have completed 65 years. I wanted to become a grown up person when I was young. Now I want to become young man".
Becoming a film director was not an easy thing. When the Britishers called us 'Barbarians" gave no importance to us, I have become a film director from the backward village of Theni. Similarly, the writer who also hailed from the Theni district have become a great director and I wish her a good luck" said Bharathi Raja.

In the function writers Manushya Puthiran, Chari Niveditha, Kavignar Vennila, lyricst Naa.Muthukumar and Snehan all participated. Snehan was the compere of the function.

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