Dec 12, 2007

She is always the youngest daughter in all serials

(By N.Thyagarajan)

Mettioli fame Revathy Priya has one more responsibility in the new mega serial Paasam ! In the serial she appears as the second daughter of a dignified family. Ever since, this budding actress began her career with the mega-serial Mettioli, she is given the role of the youngest of other four daughters in her family.

In Paasam, she loves a boy hailing from a rich family. She refuses to roam with him telling that she wants fulfill her sister's dream by becoming a graduate. She asks him to wait patiently and requests him to find a suitable groom for her elder sister. This type of assignments was not given in her earlier soaps.

The entry to her acting career began when one of her family friends suggested her to go and meet the Mettioli director Thirumurugan for a chance; she went straight to the director and told him that she was new to acting. The director welcomed her openness and offered her to do the role of Bhavani in the serial.

Recalls Revathy, "I could not imagine myself that I would be speaking a dialogue without mistake on the first day. The director who was watching me from the other corner encouraged me and said 'good' and advised me to maintain the very same action" says Revathy.

In Megala she does the role of Keerthana, the fourth and the youngest daughter of a business man.

In the Girija MA for the Jaya TV she does the role of a heart-patient. Her elder sister Priya Raman encourages and gives hope to face her problems courageously.

In Kolangal she does the role of innocent niece to Devayani. Her husband decamps with all her costly belongings on the very night of the marriage. Coming to know about her husband's fraudulent action, she becomes a psychic patient.

Very recently she completed her role in Nimmadhi as the youngest daughter doing Medicine in a City college.

Says Revathi Priya," I never mind doing any role. The 811 episodes of Mettioli have given me courage to do any roles. The serial was successful one with all new faces, and I owe credit to the director Thirumurugan. It was he who had taught all to do their roles casually just as we act to our normal problems in real life. That was the reason why this serial had won the audiences from various parts of the country" claims Revathy Priya.

Another interesting point in her career as an artiste was all the other artistes who acted with her as elder sisters in the Mettioli serial began to behave with her as the real sisters. All the girls treated their parents as their own in their real life too. "We all the daughters of Chidambaram Pillai wept in a scene without using glycerine to bring out tears from our eyes. On seeing our father's death in the serial we all began to cry just as it happened in our real life. Tears were flowing down from our eyes when the death scene was shot. It took at least an hour for all to settle down from the grief "tells Revathy Priya

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