Dec 12, 2007


( by N.Thyagarajan )

Atlantic Cinemas Kadhalil Vizhundhen is an action film as well as the film has its own ingredients with a place for natural scenario.

Boys film fame Nagulan who is also younger brother of Devayani is acting in the film as hero. Telugu film heroine Surena is the heroine of the film directed by B.V.Prasad.

The director Prasad, earlier had been assistant to the ace directors like Azhagam Perumal, V.Sekar and Vijay Milton. Prasad who knows the hero's acting techniques from the days of his first appearance in the Boys film, started training Nagulan in action, dance, dialogue delivery and mannerisms. Even Nagulan himself had taken severe exercises to fit himself for the fighting scenes of the films. Nagulan has been expecting a good fortune through this movie and he has filled the bill to become a great hero in the near future.

Recently, the fighting scenes of the film was shot at the Chennai Anna Salai underground path. Nagulan did all his action and never allowed to use dupes for some of the actions which any other heroes won't do.

This is the first Tamil film for the Telugu heroine Surena. Earlier she had acted in 10th Class and Something Something. It is expected like the Kamal-Sri Devi combination, this film's hero and heroine in future will entrench a brand for themselves.

Beside the two artistes, Livingston, Hariraj, Sambath, Pasi Sathya are appearing in the film. Earlier Hariraj was introduced in Valli film produced by Rajinikanth.

When talking about this film, the director Prasad said that the 'death' can't separate the love of a person. When asked about the meaning of this love and death, the director came out with a reply, "if you watch the film you will understand, what I am saying in the film".

The director himself writes the story, screen play and dialogues of the film is a plus point, that the film would bring success after its release.

The film has a lot of fighting scenes, and to say about a particular fighting in which Nagulan had given his life to fight in a winch. The winch fighting was introduced 32 years ago in a film and aftermath there was no such fight took place in the history of Tamil cinema. The ace cameraman Vijay Milton tied a rope around his waist and filmed the scene. The Stunt Master Action Prakash did the fighting scenes of the film for more than six days. The fighting scenes of the Nagulan, Livingston and Sambath were filmed on the Coimbatore-Mettupalayam Railway routes.

Similarly, some of the songs were filmed in Andhra Talakonam forest area. Climax scene of the film also took in the very same forest. Due to poor sunlight in the area, the producer brought mega bulbs to give a look of the scenes taking place in the day light.

Totally, Kadhalil Vizhundhen is an action film as well a real story that takes place told in a different way.

Vijay Antony does the music. One important aspect of the music of Antony is that he used BGM Guitar for Attra Naaka Mooka song with fast beatings.

Besides Action Prakash, Supreme Sundar also does the stunts of the film.

S.Umapathy produces the film for the Atlantic Cinemas.


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